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Welcome! I’m Roman, a front-end web developer at Datadog. I love CSS, and most of the things I do, write, or think about are CSS-related. On this site I collect my experiments and articles about it (and, occasionally, about some other topics).

Sometimes I find myself improving the ways I write CSS: I’m an author of Hayaku, bemto-components, bemto for Pug.js, and used to maintain Stylus.

Below you will find links to some of the articles I wrote and experiments I did, alongside some other stuff.

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Note that those are all in English, there is also a Russian version of this site where you could find some older articles and experiments in Russian.

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ow to contact me

The best way to contact me is to write me a letter to my e-mail address — kizmarh@ya.ru.

Some other places where you could sometimes find me: Mastodon, Twitter, GitHub, Instagram (mostly with cats).