Oh hi. I cre­ated this thing —be­mto — some mix­ins for Jade that makes it easy and fun to write the code in BEM no­tation.

I re­ally love writ­ing code in bem style and re­ally like Jade, so I though that adding some bem to Jade would be a great lit­tle thing that at least I would use a lot. And I hope that it would be help­ful to some­one else too.

If you had­n’t al­ready read the ar­ti­cles on BEM on SM, or Nico­las Gal­laghar’s ar­ti­cle on front-end ar­chi­tec­ture, —go for it! Those ar­ti­cles ex­plain some great ways to write ex­tend­able and mainain­able code.

And Jade is the tem­plate en­gine heav­ily in­flu­enced by Haml by TJ Holoway­chuk.

Long story short: read the readme of the pro­ject for more de­tails. Es­pe­cially look at the ex­tended use-case —it shows how you can use be­mto to cre­ate reusable and easy-to-use blocks.