Text-overflow emulation and gradient overflow

  1. The «over­flow» ef­fect is vis­i­ble only if there is some­thing to hide (so, there would­n’t be a case when there is an over­layed gra­di­ent that hides a part of text, that would be vis­i­ble whole any­way).
  2. Also, you can add a ti­tle at­tribute to a block, that would ap­pear only when some­thing is hid­den.
  3. You can use this method start­ing from the IE7 (how­ever, I had­n’t op­ti­mise it for this ex­per­i­ment, so barely only ti­tle would be vis­i­ble)

Re­size the browser’s win­dow to see the switch­ing of over­flow effect.