Custom CSS3 controls

Slider on radiobutton

Choosing the ball's color

This ex­per­i­ment fea­tures the heavy-css-styled ra­dio-but­tons, made with­out any use of JS us­ing the :checked pseudo-class. And with some­what grace­ful degra­da­tion for some old browsers.

Also, there is some strange non-se­man­tic struc­ture, in which I tried to over­come one old we­bkit’s bug. Since there is a bet­ter so­lu­tion for this prob­lem (us­ing the al­ways-runnng an­i­ma­tion), this ex­per­i­ment was use­ful to me ’cause, you know, it’s al­ways fun to over­come a bug and cre­ate some­thing that works as in­tended. In the fur­ther ex­per­i­ments I'd use the an­i­ma­tion bug-fix.

I have a lot of other thoughts for cus­tom in­puts, so stay tuned!