Think before read

I love this feel­ing: when you've read a ti­tle or a few first lines of an ar­ti­cle, and even be­fore you've got to the crit­i­cal part, you al­ready know what it is about, or, if there is a prob­lem, you can even find a so­lu­tion for it by your­self, and it could even be bet­ter than the one you'll read later in this, yet un­read, ar­ticle.

The lat­est ex­am­ple of such ex­pe­ri­ence was this post on for the game Ban­ished (Still in de­vel­op­ment, made by only one per­son; rec­om­mend you to read and sub­scribe to the blog —au­thor ex­plains a lot of things on how he comes with dif­fer­ent so­lu­tions). If you'd think on this, its rather log­i­cal to show the menu as fast as pos­si­ble and to pre­load the lat­est saveg­ame in back­ground. And it's a great so­lu­tion to show the scene from this lat­est save as a back­ground for the main menu. And open­ing this save game would be in­stant and would mean just a slight tran­si­tion from the main menu to the game in­terface.