I’m working as a Front-end Web Developer at Yandex (to be more specific —at Yandex.Mail), occasionally doing different stuff for Russian Web Standards community, committing to open source projects, experimenting on CSS, and blogging on this site.

The latest publications

See also the whole list of publications.


I created Hayaku, Jekiller, and Bemto; I'm a maintainer of Stylus, and sometimes committing in different ways to other open source projects.


Sometimes I talk about different front-end stuff at conferences, mostly Russian ones, but I managed to give a talk at Fronteers Jam Session in 2012, and then another one in 2013 at the same place.

How to contact me

The best way to contact me is to write me a letter to my e-mail address —kizmarh@ya.ru.

I participate in different social networks, but there is no point to list them there. The chances are —I do not want to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn, but if you'd go and look at all the cats in my Instagram —I'll be happy.